Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dreaming Norway...

Since I read an article about them days ago...I can't get out of my mind the Lofoten Archipelago! A group of islands in north Norway, linked by a panoramic road to the mainland. I always had a big passion for cold and distant lands....Iceland is one of my dreaming travel! Actually it's quite strange because I'm not a big fan of cold but when I see pictures of these northern lands I fall in love instantly!! The mystery of the dark that usually came early, the strength of day light, the colors of fishermen villages with those so typical wooden houses and the midnight sun...a real event! For all these reasons leaving there even for a period reading, watching big quantities of movies and taking pictures all the day is one of my dream! I think that are really relaxing, inspiring and in some way magical places.

Traveling means even bring home something very typical...this became quite difficult to find lately. Under the title "what to buy" of this article there was the address of a shop which sell norway sweaters. During the winter, this kind of wool sweaters (even shorts, bags, hats...) has been really used and find something similar in shops is quite simple. After reading and dreaming about Norway the best is to have the original one!

Weeks ago, searching in my aunt closet I found this wool sweater! It's handmade by I don't know who exactly of my family and she used it in the 70's...I made it mine! I know that it's not a true norway sweater but is really warm and reminds me of these amazing cold lands!

Do you remember this one In Bridget Jones's Diary :)?


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  1. ho appena visto questo post, e ho pubblicato da poco un post sulle renne!

    i like you! :D


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